The Danish Patient
Lessons learned from the Danish hospital-masterplan 2020

Aim & Content:
The danish hospital landscape is currently undergoing a radical transformation guided by the Masterplan 2020. The german hospital landscape is facing similar huge challenges:

- demographic changes for patients & personal
- limited financial ressources
- high and cost-intensive technical and medical standards
- outdated building structures

What can Germany learn from Denmark?

To answer this question Tobias Buschbeck and Susanne Glade , architects, started a dialogue with their Danish colleagues in summer 2011.

The Danish Patient in Denmark:
From the point of view of an imaginary Patient two prototypical Danish hospitals, Hvidovre for the 1970ies and Skeiby for the 2020ies, have been visited, to understand what will be changed and how the masterplan 2020 serves the Danish Patient.

In a series of dialogue-workshops in Denmark the masterplan and the resulting architecture has been discussed with the main parties involved (authorities/ hospital management/ staff/ patients/ architects & engineers) concerning their recommendations and warnings.

The results of the dialogue have been published in an exclusive issue of the German architecture magazine Bauwelt "Der dänische Patient" on the 27th of april 2012 (Magazine No. 17/2012). download publication

The Danish Patient in Berlin:
The Danish concepts and experiences have been discussed on the hospital conference in Berlin on the 26th of octobre 2012 with Danish and German experts in cooperation with Charité and Vivantes as a concrete-visionary contribution to the current discussion in Germany. download executive summary
Visit of the AKG 2019 in Aarhus


 Der dänische Patient   Bauwelt 17/2012 by Buschbeck/ Glade 
 Denmark - Berlin: inhabitants     
 Denmark - Berlin: hospitals